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Here you'll explore ideas for your ambassadors in the field capturing content to trigger your audience.

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Tips included in the CoPostd app...

Making progress
Capture content that represents advancement, development of better conditions, or onward movement.
Capture content that stimulates continued support, confidence, or hope.

Suggest a call-to-action

Charitable support
Capture content that suggests a call-to-action to give money or goods for a positive cause.
Express Appreciation
Capture content that expresses gratitude for money, goods, or services rendered.

Capture an event

Need Volunteers
Capture content that expresses a need for volunteers who will freely take part in events or tasks.
Promoting an event
Capture content announcing an event, cause, or venture for public awareness.

Shape social change

Public figure
Capture content utilizing public figure influence to develop or shape social change.
Be transparent
Capture content that showcases transparency in your processes.

Create campaigns

On location
Capture content that highlights a specific on-sight location as a supported area.
Capture content of specific actions or activities from supporters taking part in campaigns.

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