Features That Help You KeepUsPostd

Some mission’s start locally. But with the right tools, you can impact the world. KeepUsPostd’s features offer extended capabilities for Enterprise organizations at a cost that works for anyone. You know who your mission supporters are. We’ll help you expand them.

Reserved for Organizations.

Reserved for Ambassadors.

Gain more access, gain more support

When you gain access to your location-based Ambassadors with KeepUsPostd’s portal and CoPostd app, you can develop targeted stories and campaigns, automate the content curating process, and manage your narrative with full command.

Get your account ready to tell your first story

Add your organization info
Provide your organization’s name, affiliate location or branch, and logo.
Gain access to ambassadors
Request access to location-based ambassadors to capture content.
Share your first story
You can share images but story-driven video content is more engaging.

Powerful companion tools to develop and Deliver

Location is everything. Or is it? KeepUsPostd’s powerful companion tool, the CoPostd app makes sure you can develop stories with the right people in the right location. Gaining access to location based Ambassadors locally or abroad makes your office location completely unimportant. Whether you need to showcase advancement, suggest a call-to-action, or express gratitude, our CoPostd app makes it easy to capture video content that best aligns with your core values.

Develop stories and grow your organization

KeepUsPostd offers a time-saving curating filter you can access anywhere. Manage engagement and portal activity with supporting captions, and filter your content and deliver better stories through your connected channels. That means you can receive, review, and share your video content and campaigns to grow your organization-all in one place.